Hearing Aid & Wax Removal Specialist 

Offering Home Visit and Clinic Appointments 

Free to book, payment will be taken in person after completion of appointment. 
Based in:
Rickmansworth | Harrow | Baker Street | Milton Keynes 


About us

Our Audiologists have been professionally trained and have over 5 years experience both in the NHS and  the private sector. 

We are HCPC and BSHAA registered. Our Audiologists have been trained by specialist ENT nurses to remove wax safely and effectively. We advise use of olive oil 1 week prior to your appointment.

Studies have shown that reduced hearing is significantly linked with early onset of dementia. The NHS recommends individuals to have their hearing checked at least every 3 years.

Hearing is an essential part of our daily life and looking after the health of your ears is just as important as any other sensory organ if not more.

Meet the team

Laila Rajpal MSc
HAD Audiologist 
Adam Rajpal

After working as an Audiologist for the NHS, we noticed a high demand for domiciliary and home care visitations, with a low supply to this market. The pandemic has only exasperated this issue, with many patients unable to receive the care they require.
Here at Otocare our aim is to provide both a quality Clinic Room and Domiciliary service to assist patients with Hearing Care requirements